What will you study

Specialist Units

This specification gives learners a clear appreciation of key issues in physical education including balanced, active and healthy lifestyles, a focus on performance in practical activity, and the opportunity to pursue particular areas of interest.

The AS PE (H154) is run in year 12 and A2 PE (H554) during year 13. The course includes theoretical and practical aspects which aim to develop an insight and understanding of movement, performance and behaviour in relation to play, sport, physical education, recreation and to develop the knowledge and skill to enable students to reach a high standard of performance.



Who is the course for?

The Course is suited to individuals who have a keen and developed interest in all aspects of Sport and Physical Education. Candidates must be able to understand and relate the differing study areas of Anatomy/Physiology, Socio-Cultural issues and Skill/Psychology. They must be willing to practice, refine and perform regularly in their chosen Practical areas as well as in Theoretical based fitness sessions.

Entry requirements

Candidates should ideally have gained either an A*, A or B at GCSE; or have gained at least a Merit at BTEC Level 2 Sport. A higher GCSE grade in English and Science (Distinction in Applied Science) is also beneficial. They should be fully aware of the high percentage of Theory involved in the Course as well as having 2 strong practical sports that they regularly take part in.


How you will be assessed

The AS course comprises of 2 units that are worth 100% of the AS final grade and go towards 50% of the final A2 grade:

Unit G451 = Theory 60%
a) Anatomy and Physiology
b) Acquisition of movement and skill
c) Socio- Cultural Issues in Sport

Unit G452 = Practical 40%
a) Performance in two sports/ activities
b) Evaluating and Planning Improvement (oral exam)

The A2 course comprises of 4 Units:

Units G451 = 30% and Unit G452 = 20% from AS course
Unit G453 = Theory 35%
a) Socio-cultural issues:
(A1) Historical Opt
b) Scientific Focus:
(B1) Psychology Opt
(B3) Exercise Physiology

Unit G454 = Practical 15%
a) Performance in one sport/ activity
b) Evaluating, appreciation and improvement (oral exam)
Video evidence of all practical performances and analysis (oral exam) must be submitted to examiners.

Progression routes

Wide variety of Sports/PE/Scientific Higher Education Courses
Fitness-based Vocational Qualifications
Uniformed Services/Forces
Sports Coaching/Management