Student Ambassadors

PHS Student Ambassadors

The student ambassadors scheme will consist of  a group of outstanding students who represent PHS on and off site. The program is designed to engage prospective students, actively recruit new students, speak at events, conduct tours and assist during PHS activities. PHS Student Ambassadors promote PHS and personalise the school to prospective students, their parents and visitors.

Team Attitude The PHS Student Ambassador program is focused on the basis of teamwork and equal contribution by all members. The success of the program relies on the students’ involvement and working together as a team to become leaders among all PHS students. The scheme hopes to develop student leaders who practice teamwork, self-motivation, creativity and friendship.


A PHS Student Ambassador is:

  • A team player dedicated to promoting PHS
  • An honest individual who works well with others
  • An energetic leader who knows how to think big and motivate others
  • A leader who knows that hard work and persistence are valuable traits

Student Ambassadors are recognised for their outstanding  service to both the school and the community.
By joining the Student Ambassador team you can:

  • Develop and refine leadership and communication skills
  • Create lasting friendships and associations
  • Broaden contact among students, alumni, department and the community
  • Become part of a dynamic, highly visible, helpful organisation
  • Improve your CV! Student Ambassador involvement will impress future employers and admissions tutors
  • Be eligible for the PHS outstanding Student Ambassador award

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