What will you study

Human beings are one of the most complex and fascinating mammals in the world. The study of psychology enables us to gain a better understanding of our own behaviour as well as other people.
You will explore the explanations and causes to behaviour as phobias, obedience, depression and violence. You will consider questions such as:

Can research on animals give us clues to why humans behave why they do?
Is eyewitness testimony reliable in court?
Students will also gain an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of investigation in relation to the subject under investigation.
PY1 – Introduces the major approaches in Psychology: Behaviourist, Cognitive, Biological and Psychodynamic.
PY2 – Study 10 key pieces of research and gain in insight into the advantages and disadvantages of methods of investigation.


Who is the course for?

Minimum 5 high grade GCSE passes. Must include English, Mathematics and Science.


Entry requirements

2 examinations during the summer term.
PY1 – Approaches to Psychology (40% of AS qualification, 20% of A level);
PY2 – Core studies & Applied Research Methods (60% of AS qualification, 30% of A level).

How you will be assessed

You will sit two examinations in June of your AS year, plus a practical examination in May. There will be a further two examinations in June of your A Level year plus another practical examinations preceding these.

Progression routes

The AS specification can lead to a full A level in Psychology. It is also a stepping stone to study a range of higher education degree courses, related further qualifications or occupations E.G. counselling, social sciences, Social Services, policing, health care, education, sports management, marketing or media