What will you study

In year 12 you will study through two units which include topics:

- An understanding of the english legal system
- Criminal process: offences, trial procedures, courts, bail
- Civil dispute procedures, compensation orders, settlement without trial
- Law versus morality, ethics, and the separation of 3 powers
- Personnel in the legal system: judges, barristers & solicitors, CPS
- Involvement of the general public: magistrates, jury service, tribunals
- How judges interpret unclear law and law reform
- The effect of belonging to the european community: europeans laws
- Human rights and the process to the european court of human rights


Who is the course for?

Law is important in all fields of industry, business and commerce and highly valued amongst employers who look for independent study skills.
Students are encouraged to develop social awareness – understanding crime and deviance and the consequences of social behaviour.

Entry requirements

It is advised that a C grade pass at GCSE  english language would be an advantage.  Also at least four other higher level passes.  Good writing and reading skills are a necessity.  Legal cases will be researched.

How you will be assessed

At AS Level assessment is via a written examination:
At AS level you will be assessed in two written examinations entirely as essay questions.  No course work.  A2 level law is similarly assessed.

Progression routes

Law is an excellent qualification which will prepare you for the traditional legal opportunities (solicitors/barrristers/paralegals).  Also business and local government, public administration, social work, as well as journalism, publishing, advertising.