Government & Social Politics



What will you study

People, Politics and Participation
Unit GP1

•    Participation and Voting Behaviour
•    Electoral System
•    Political Parties in Wales and the UK
•    Pressure Groups and Protest Movements

Governing Modern Wales
Unit GP2

•    The British Constitution
•    Parliamentary Structure in Wales and the UK
•    The Core Executives in Wales and Westminster
•    Multi-level Governance in Wales and the UK


Who is the course for?

Government and Politics is an exciting and ever-changing subject that is relevant to you. It is a useful subject to study because it helps you to understand the different ways of resolving conflicts and how to influence issues in society. It can help you to play a more active role as a citizen, to question some of the things that governments do, and to try and bring about change.


Entry requirements

You should have at least a Grade C in English. The course involves a great deal of reading, note taking and essay writing. An enquiring mind and a determination to work hard will also be useful. It is essential that you have a good grasp of current affairs in order to appreciate the wider impact of politics.

How you will be assessed

You will sit two exams in the summer term
•    GP1 – 1hr 30 min (worth 25% of an A Level)
•    GP2 – 1 hr 30 min (worth 25% of an A Level).

Progression routes

Government and Politics is particularly useful if you are considering a career in law, media work, the civil service, political research, local government, teaching, administration, marketing, the financial sector..