Environmental Studies AS/A Level AQA


What you will study

AS Level:
The Living Environment – Biodiversity, wildlife conservation, land use and conflicts, ecological relationships

The Physical Environment -  Atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere (resources, exploitation and management)

Practical skills throughout both topics..


Who is the course for?

•    Environmental studies is ideal if you have an interest in the world around you
•    Environmental studies helps you to combine knowledge from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities to understand environmental problems. It looks at how we interact with the natural world and how we can prevent its destruction
•    Environmental studies includes a range of practical and theory work and gives you transferable skills for work

Entry requirements

•    An interest in environmental issues
•    Ideally an A*-C grade in Science and/or Geography at GCSE

How you will be assessed

You will sit two exams:
•    ENVS1: The Living Environment – 1 hour exam 40% AS marks (20% of A-Level marks)
•    ENVS2: The Physical Environment – 1 ½ hour exam 60% AS marks (30% of A-Level marks)

Progression routes

Degrees in areas related to the environment, geography, geology, science, climate, planning and teaching.
•    Careers in environmental management, conservation, planning, energy consultancy