Edexcel – Certificate/ Subsidiary Diploma AS course (Certificate in Performing Arts)


Dance Performance
The unit will provide learners with a taste of the real world of the working dancer, one where individual strength of character, talent, technical ability, aesthetic sense, levels of fitness and stamina must be combined with a willingness to work cooperatively with other dancers, choreographers and directors.

Jazz Dance
This unit will allow learners to develop a good understanding of the style and key features of jazz dance. The unit links appropriately with choreographic units as well as dance performance. For anyone wishing to pursue a career in the commercial sector, jazz dance is an invaluable skill. It will encourage learners to dance with both heart and soul!

Contemporary Dance
This unit is about developing contemporary dance technique giving learners the opportunity to gain a solid foundation of skills in this style of dance. Learners will take part in regular technique classes in order to develop the skills required to dance in a contemporary style.

The A2 Course (Subsidiary Diploma in performing Arts)
Performing to an Audience
Two different styles of dance will be performed from your own choice to show your ability to perform at a high level to the audience.

Dance Appreciation
Two different pieces will be observed (preferably in the theatre) and original steps/ sequences will be used to create two five minute dances.

Urban Dance
Workshops will be held to look at the different techniques used in areas such as street dance.  The unit will provide learners with performance opportunities as well as workshops/ techniques.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who has an enjoyment for a variety of styles of dance and is willing to work on a practical course and perform at all times.

Entry requirements

5 A-C grades at GCSE Level
An interest in dance either though a formal qualification in school (BTEC/GCSE) or through a dance school.

How you will be assessed

At AS Level assessment is via a written examination:
Software System Development, Data and Applications Plus a WJEC set Programming Project (30%).

At Advanced Level Examination:

•    Assessment is mainly practical with commitment towards rehearsals, workshops and performance essential.
•    All students will be assessed in the annual school dance show.
•    All students will be expected to participate in a variety of workshops and performances in school and in the community.
•    Some written work will be required for evidence. E.g. target setting, theatre reviews, reviews of own performance.

Progression routes

University degree.
Dance/ Performing Arts College.
Jobs in the performing industry.
Education Courses.