Biology or Human Biology


AS consists of 2 theory modules and a practical exam.
BY1 is common to both Biology and Human Biology, and forms the basic grounding for the rest of the course.

You will study topics such as:-

•    Cells
•    Enzymes
•    Chemicals of life

BY2 and HB2 are different depending on whether you want to achieve Biology or Human
Biology, but both consist of topics such as:-
•    Gas exchange (humans or other organisms)
•    Digestion (humans or other mammals)
•    Circulation

The main difference is, of course, that Human Biologists find out how humans solve the problems of life, while Biologists take a look at both humans and other animals & plants. Neither course is any easier than the other, there is simply a different emphasis, but also a lot of overlap!

Who is the course for?

Students considering a career in the Biological Sciences; such as Zoology, Physiology, Microbiology. People who want to specialise into related areas such as drug research, environment, animal care. Those thinking of a career in the medical or caring professions; medicine, veterinary, nursing, physiotherapy. A qualification in Biology or Human Biology shows you to be of an enquiring mind with specialist science skills and knowledge, and is therefore a valuable and impressive A level to have for any future study and career.

 Entry requirements

At Least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above. We prefer at least grade BB at Higher Level in double award Science or in the separate Sciences, but we will discuss grade C with students on an individual basis, depending on their other GCSEs such as Maths and English. Unfortunately Applied Science does not provide a good basis for AS Biology or Human Biology.

How you will be assessed

2 written exam papers during year 12; one in January and the second in May/June. A practical exam will take place once students have had enough practice at essential skills (usually around February).
There are opportunities to re-sit exam papers to improve grades where necessary.

Progression routes

Students achieving AS Biology or Human Biology may progress to the full A level. Having achieved AS Human Biology, students may transfer to A2 Biology in year 13. These qualifications can lead on to further study at degree level, or can provide a progression route into specialist courses at health care, agricultural or animal care colleges.