History AS Level WJEC



What will you study

Unit Hy1
Wales and England in transition, 1880-1929

  • Living and working conditions
  • The impact of WWI on the Home Front
  • The changing role of women
  • Party Politics 1900-1940
  • A study of the Conservative, Liberal and Labour Parties after 1900
  • The enfranchisement of women
  • The rise of the minority parties including communists and fascists


Unit Hy2
Reasons for Nazi growth and support by 1933

  • The establishment of the Nazi dictatorship
  • The roles of propaganda and terror
  • Nazi social, religious and racial ideology
  • Nazi economic policy; recover and rearmament
  • Nazi foreign policy up to 1939



Who is the course for?

History is the perfect subject if you’re inquisitive about the past.

•    History helps you develop the skill to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own views.
•    History helps you understand the origins of modern political and social problems.
•    History provides you with the transferable skills employers are looking for


Entry requirements

GCSE History – grade A*-B
GCSE English – grade A*-C

How you will be assessed

You will sit two exams in the summer term

•    Hy1 – 1hr 30 min (worth 30% of an A Level)
•    Hy2 – 1 hr 30 min (worth 20% of an A Level)

Progression routes

A career in law, teacher, lecturer, archivist, journalist, archaeologist, museum curator, civil service and public services.