Starting with the basics and going into more detail as time goes on.

At AS Level:
CH1 – Using chemical changes to make things produce energy and to maintain the environment.
CH2 – The properties and uses of materials, the Periodic Table and introduction to carbon compounds.
CH3 – Practical skills.

At A Level:
CH4 – Analysing chemicals using spectroscopy and synthesising new chemicals and how the new chemicals are used to help society.
CH5 – A more detailed look at the Periodic Table and chemical reactions.
CH6 – Practical skills


Who is the course for?

Curious about the world around you? If you are and enjoy applying what you know to new situations using and developing your practical and academic skills.

 Entry requirements

You will need GCSE double science or single sciences grades B or above at higher tier. Applied science is generally not an ideal preparation for A level chemistry.

How you will be assessed

You will sit two exam papers and two practical assessments at AS followed by two more exams and two practical assessments at A level.

Progression routes

Chemistry is ideal if you want to study courses such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, molecular engineering etc – at university or college.
If you want to start work straight after A levels,  it also develops valuable skills needed in a range of jobs in addition to the obvious scientific work.